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TruSwift Card - The Best Prepaid Card in Market

Financial tools have evolved greatly over the years. From notes and coins to plastic money to digital wallets, we have come a long way. And with each of these tools, we have solved some modern-day challenges and created greater convenience for ourselves. And in this race of comfort, it's time to embrace a new financial tool - Prepaid Cards.

Even with the popularity of digital finance, plastic money continues to rule the system. Statistics from Statista reveal that in April 2021, in India, there were around more than 500,000 ATM transactions while there were 160 million credit card transactions made at the point of sale. But credit cards are themselves a big hustle with monthly payments and interest compiling further. And be it credit or debit cards, you will need a bank account to access either.

To overcome these challenges and make payments easier, it is time to switch to prepaid cards. So what are prepaid cards, why are they different and which is the best online prepaid card in the market? Keep reading to learn more.

What are Prepaid Cards?

In a simple sense, prepaid cards are cards that are preloaded with funds for you to use. You can add money to these cards online as well as offline and use them at your disposal. Like plastic money, these cards are acceptable for all physical and digital payments. And the best part is these cards are based on the concept of swift money, meaning you don't need to open a bank account to use prepaid cards.

Why are Prepaid Cards Different?

No doubt prepaid cards feel quite similar to credit and debit cards. However, they are not completely alike. Prepaid cards are different because:

1. You don't need to open a bank account to own a prepaid card. 2. You get the convenience of instant payments through cashless, digital channels. 3. You also get the same security as that of a traditional bank account. 4. You can set budgets using prepaid cards since you add funds to the card before using it. 5. You don't need to go through any rigorous documentation process to obtain prepaid cards. 6. Prepaid cards are much safer than credit/debit cards and cash as there is no credit risk or theft risk involved.

TruSwift Card: The Best Online Prepaid Card

If you are looking to get rid of your credit cards, or you want to avoid the hassle of creating a bank account and managing funds in it, but still be able to access some amount of funds for transactions, you should consider switching to prepaid cards. And the best online prepaid card in the market is the TruSwift Card. The TruSwift Card is a true prepaid card that offers you the following features:

1.Instant card activation:

Want a prepaid card? Get one instantly with TruSwift Card. No lengthy procedures. No strict formalities. Just sign up and activate your TruSwift Card online with a single click.

2. Also available in the virtual form:

TruSwift Card is not only available in physical form like plastic money but also in virtual form making it as easy to access as your digital money wallet.

3.A credit score is not required:

Unlike banks that require your credit score to grant your credit, TruSwift Card doesn't require any credit score from you.

4.Spending limit of 5 lakhs per month:

With TruSwift Card you can add up to 5 lakh rupees to your prepaid card every month and use it at your own disposal.

5.Hassle-free cashless transaction:

With TruSwift Card you can undertake any kind of online or offline transaction without any hassles.

6.No maintenance fees charged:

You need to pay no extra maintenance charges on prepaid cards as you do for credit and debit cards.

Prepaid cards can be used in multiple areas and for different purposes like employee rewards, payroll, gifting, foreign exchange facilitation, etc. Unleash all these uses of prepaid cards with TruSwift Card.