Tesla Power

Tesla Power

QuickSun Technologies Pvt Ltd. is a National Distributor of Tesla Power India Pvt Ltd. Tesla Power India Pvt Ltd is an Indian entity of Tesla Power USA LLC. offers the largest and complete range of modern Maintenance-Free Two-wheeler, automotive, UPS and inverter batteries that can deliver years of dependable service. We assure you that as we have been adding new offers and services to you till now, we will continue to do the same in future also, QuickSun is the part of this chain. Tesla Power India Private Limited are focused to offer the best quality batteries at an affordable price along with the maximum warranty in the Indian market. Tesla Power batteries are made with advanced automotive technologies and designs which is par excellence in the battery fraternity. This is our joint venture project and works to create an energy storage environment for public. Our USP is - Maximum Warranty with affordable price. We are offering a fruitful business opportunity with the smart and high returns of investment. With the QuickSun Technologies Pvt Ltd. you can grow your business smoothly along with your current business


Two-Wheeler Battery

A motorcycle battery is a rechargeable battery used to start a motor vehicle..

Automotive Battery

A car battery or car battery is a rechargeable battery used to start a motor vehicle.

Inverter Battery

To get through this summer and enjoy your fans, coolers and air conditioners, you need the right power solution/backup power solution

Solar Battery

Solar panels are the basic requirement of a solar system, one battery acting as another..

Hybrid Battery

Hybrid vehicles have become more sophisticated, but still lag in terms of availability and affordability

Wall Mounted Inverter

Unexpected power outages can be a nerve-wracking experience on the road to efficiency and automatically put you in a difficult situation.