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Swift Micro ATM The Best Micro ATM Service Provider in India

How often does it happen to you that you are in need of cash and there is no ATM in sight? Imagine the same situation when you are in a rural area? With ATMs situated far away from the rural belts, it becomes difficult to use cards.

In order to promote such transactions and to resolve the issue of lack of ATMs in rural areas, the innovative concept of Micro ATMs was introduced. Micro ATM or mATM is a device that provides you with all features of an ATM and that too portably.

What is a Micro ATM?

A Micro ATM or mATM is a mini version of an ATM that allows users to make payments and withdrawals using their debit cards for daily transactions. Just like an ATM that accepts your debit cards and lets you withdraw cash against your card balance, an mATM device lets you check your card balance, withdraw cash and even make payments using your card.

An mATM machine is a portable Point of Sale device installed at small shops and gives retailers the authority to disburse cash and accept payments. The bank can connect to its core banking system using this device and offer all the services at the customer's doorsteps. According to the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), in 2019 there were more than 145 million mATM transactions worth Rs. 9,000 crore.

How does a Micro ATM work?

Micro ATMs can be found at authorized dealer shops in the rural and semi urban areas and are operated by agents called business correspondents. Customers can use mATMs for cash withdrawals, deposits, transfers, balance enquiry, etc.
These mATMs are biometric-enabled and provide complete security on any transaction. At any time, a user can withdraw up to Rs. 10,000 from an mATM.

Swift Micro ATM - Best Micro ATM Service Provider in India

If you are looking for the best Micro ATM, Swift Micro ATM is the right choice. Swift Micro ATM is a compact, wireless device that enables easy POS transactions and Cash Withdrawals.

There are two types of Swift mATM devices - the Swift mATM machine, a pocket sized device best for usage through mobile phone, and a Standalone POS terminal, for operation through a fixed location using credit and debit cards.

With Swift, you get the following features in your mATM:

● Easy Installation:

Swift mATM is easy to install and can be activated in just a few simple steps.

● Cash Withdrawal:

Customers can withdraw cash at their disposal via the Swift Micro ATM. It acts like your point of sale ATM that lets your customers withdraw instantly using their debit cards.

● POS Enabled:

The second kind of Swift Micro ATMs called the Standalone POS Terminals are a great choice for POS transactions. You can carry both debit and credit card transactions using the POS terminal.

● Balance Enquiry:

With Swift Micro ATM you can check the balance of your account after any transaction.

● Bluetooth Enabled:

Swift Micro ATM also comes with Bluetooth to support wireless connectivity.

● All Cards Acceptable:

Irrespective of customers' banks, Swift Micro ATM accepts all types of credit and debit cards.

● Secure Transactions:

Swift Micro ATM offers secure transactions to your customers. This minimizes the possibility of any fraud and data theft.

● Instant settlement:

Swift Micro ATM offers instant settlement of all your transactions. The payments you receive are directly added to your registered bank account. The amount you disburse as withdrawal becomes part of your trade amount. All settlement is done quickly and smoothly.

● Connectivity to Android:

You can connect Swift mATM to any android device and serve your customers easily.

These features combined with affordable pricing make Swift Micro ATM the best mATM service provider in India. Make your business more accessible with Swift Micro ATM machines and create convenience for your customers.