Monthly earning of more than ₹25000/-


For all the women, men,working/non-working, students, shopkeepers, Insurance agents, DSA who have some time to spare, there is a lot that you can earn by working only a few hours in a day.
All you have to do is become a Richie Partner and start doing transactions with your present customer base/network/colleagues/class mates etc.

swift money portal
swift money portal

Richie Partnership gives you the power to start a fruitful and a rewarding business immediately. Each customer needs multiple services and Richie Platform delivers all. A customer who has used one service will buy other services also.

Why Richie Platform

Usually for every product there is a very big distribution chain that profits from the product before it reaches the end customer.

swift money portal

Becoming A Richie Agent is easy

You can easily earn more than ₹ 3 Lac in the first year of working

Deposit Membership Fee ₹ 750/-

Immediately get Richie Points* worth ₹750/- in your Richie Wallet.

These would be redeemed as you grow your business in due course of time

Large Range of Richie Products

swift money portal

If a Richie Agent meets five potential customers in a day he will be able to do business on all the verticals in a month.
Given below is the average business that can easily be done.

Multiple earning products like QIPS bring two types of revenue for the Richie Agent
  • On the sale of the product to a user
  • For every transaction done by the user the Richie Agent will get a commission


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